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Recent discovery of Homo naledi fossils (10/09/2015)

Recent discoveries of the Homo naledi fossils in South Africa (description of fossils in open access journal eLife) sturred up the scientific community, and promises to keep on doing so for some time. Here is a short news report about the finding on Dutch television, with an interview with D. Adriaens:

Why seahorses have a square tail? (03/07/2015)

On July 3rd 2015, our paper came out in Science Magazine, dealing with the fact that seahorses have square tails. The work, lead by Michael Porter of Clemson University, allowed us to test the hypothesis whether square tails in seahorses (and its allies within the Syngnathidae) has a mechanical advantage that could be linked to tail grasping. Using 3D printed models that were subjected to various mechanical testing (including smashing it with a hamer) does indeed confirm that tails that are square in cross section are stronger and more resilient to deformation than tails that are round.

Link to the paper:

Link to a podcast video by Science Magazine: and stained skeleton of Hippocampus kudo